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AT&T (T) Stock Below $28! Is Now The Time To Buy? | $T Analysis

Jake Alexander

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Published on Sep 23, 2020
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In this AT&T Stock Analysis, we will take a deep dive into AT&T stock, the company, the valuation, and the charts.

Right now $T has a 7.30% dividend yield which is insanely high, this dividend is attracting the attention of a lot of retail investors. But is the dividend safe? We will look at their recent cash flow statements in this video to find out.

AT&T has been dropping even more recently along with the broader markets, however $T stock hasn't recovered as well from the March lows like a lot of the market. In this video review we will take a look into why this is the case.

AT&T has made some questionable deals in the last 10 years, leading to a large debt load, and not much added revenue to show for these decisions, this is leading smart money on wall street not too interested in investing in $T stock.

$T is around a strong historical support level at around $28, and the next support is around $26. Watching these levels into the future will be important to see where the stock finds a bottom and begins to bounce.

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