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Bitcoin Explained in the Bitcoin Basics Workshop CBP Prep [Free Workshop Extras - See Description]


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Published on Apr 04, 2020
Bitcoin isn't too hard to learn, if you've got a great teacher. That's why you want to learn from the best, Andreas! In this video you'll learn the basics of bitcoin explained in clear terms: The history of money, bitcoin, and how the price of bitcoin is derived; Bitcoin Basics, including addresses and keys, transactions, the blockchain, bitcoin as a unit (e.g. millibit, satoshi), ways to earn, buy, sell, and store bitcoin, blockchain explorers and Unspent Transaction Outputs (UTXO); Bitcoin commerce, including how to accept bitcoin for products and services.

Learn about bitcoin and prepare for the CBP (Certified Bitcoin Professional) Exam in this 90 minute workshop. You'll learn how the price of bitcoin is derived, how to buy and earn bitcoin, and how to price bitcoin in your business. Andreas is one of the world's most sought after teachers because he makes complex subjects easy to understand. Watch this video to learn the basic concepts of Bitcoin and open blockchain technology, with an emphasis on real-world examples and built around stories of users interactions with Bitcoin.

Extras: You can find extras like quizzes, supplemental learning materials, and earn a certificate of completion if you sign up for the free Introduction to Bitcoin and Open Blockchains Workshop on Andreas' website at

0:00 Introduction
3:16 Course content
4:10 History of bitcoin
13:51 User stories
15:44 Alice buys bitcoin from a Bitcoin ATM
16:29 How do people acquire bitcoin?
23:35 Bitcoin ATM Vending Machine
24:45 Bitcoin's "Price"
29:59 Price discovery and markets
34:45 Bitcoin ATM calculates the exchange rate
35:56 Bitcoin, private key and bitcoin address
54:38 Bitcoin units
55:36 Converting units
58:10 Alice buys a book from Bob’s online store
1:06:23 Alice's wallet constructs a transaction
1:09:29 Transaction basics
1:10:32 Transactions and change
1:12:42 Alice's transaction on the blockchain
1:13:43 Transactions and fees
1:16:15 Transaction fees
1:37:16 Bob pays Catalina’s invoice for web development work
1:38:59 Aggregating transaction
1:42:36 History of the Bitcoin Blockchain
1:43:58 Chained blocks
1:45:38 Bitcoin money supply
1:47:03 Halving
1:48:46 Mining incentives

This presentation was delivered on Wednesday, August 28th 2019 at the BTC2019 Conference in Denver organized by the Crypto Currency Certification Consortium (C4)

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About aantonop: Andreas is a best selling author, he's written technical books Mastering Bitcoin, Mastering Ethereum, Mastering the Lightning Network (2021). He's also published books on why bitcoin matters in his best-selling series, The Internet of Money. Andreas isn't promoting a company or an organization; he's paid by the community (people who support this work on Patreon and YouTube) and provides an unbiased look at open blockchain technologies, what they can do for our societies, and how to get involved (if you decide you want to). Learn more at

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