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Tesla Makes Giga Berlin Changes To Meet Local Environmental Demands

Torque News

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Published on Aug 15, 2020
Elon Musk's Tesla is showing good signs that the company at Giga Berlin is making good efforts to meet the needs and concerns of the local population and environmental activists.

Tesmanian reports.

Tesla Giga Berlin will significantly reduce the number of concrete piles reaching groundwater. This decision was made due to the concerns of the local population and environmentalists.

During the construction of Giga Berlin, Tesla has repeatedly proven its flexibility and ability to compromise. This time, the company again listened to the concerns and reduced the number of piles reaching groundwater.

Tesla representatives announced an updated plan today during the Tesla Straße unveiling ceremony.

"Originally we believed that we would need up to 1,500 piles, in the end, it was still 1,100," said a Tesla spokesman, according to Freenet. He said the company now has the opportunity to change the concept and use only 500 to 550 piles. This is three times less than the original plan, which underlines Tesla's serious attitude to the needs of the region.

According to Tesla's representatives, now only the Press Shop will need piles, the Casting building will be built by a different method. "Only the press shop, but no longer the Casting, is built on piles."


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