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ETH vs ADA ie Ethereum vs Cardano Ultimate Guide including Price Predictions


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Published on Feb 25, 2021
#Ethereum #Cardano #ETH #ADA #BTC #Bitcoin #PricePredictions
Ethereum vs Cardano

The opinions expressed in the video are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide education about the financial industry.

0:00 Introduction
0:30 Market Caps - ETH Nearly 5x The Size Dominance View
0:45 Disclaimer
1:00 Market Cap dominance
2:09 ADA: 40 developers ETH: Largest development community, operating for 5+ years 4x more developers than any other crypto ecosystem
3:17 BTC, ETH & ADA - The Generations!
4:00 ADA: Yet to launch their smart contract platform ETH: Developing smart contracts for 5 years
4:45 Speed: Charles said it is currently 100 TPS though not linked to a source
5:15 Smart contract functionality hosts a variety of dApps including decentralized finance (DeFi)
5:38 ERC 20 Tokens Smart Contracts ERC-20 There are a surprising number of top crypto projects that were built using the Ethereum ERC-20 framework, including Tether (USDT) Chainlink (LINK) Binance coin (BNB) USD coin (USDC) Wrapped bitcoin (WBTC) Dai (DAI)
7:00 Ethereum Issues The Ethereum network is still struggling with heavy congestion and high gas fees. High gas fees are a function of demand which means despite high fees, people still want it.
7:24 Proof of Work POW vs Proof of Stake POS POW, miners are the participants and those with most computational power (eg BTC and ETH.) POS, miners are more likely to win additional blocks if they have more staked (eg Ether, in the case of Ethereum.) Ethereum moving to POS from POW. Jury is out what is better. My concern is proof-of-stake relies on “proof” of how much “stake” users have and may not be fair.
8:35 ETH 2.0 (aka EIP 1559) Hope to be included in Ethereum "London" upgrade scheduled for July 2021 Testing is 99% done March 5 decision to include in London The proposal will also burn gas fees (paid in ETH) aka deflationary to ETH supply ⇪ Scarcity ⇪ Value
9:30 Cardano Issues Smart Contracts are about to launch! Ethereum has had Smart Contracts for 5 years.
9:50 Ecosystems Ethereum has: Largest ecosystem Trust Partners Strongest network effect (Metcalfe’s Law) 200M+ wallets and 35BN of liquidity locked into protocols
11:00 First-mover advantage is defined as an organization’s ability to be better off than its competitors as a result of being first to market in a new product category.
11:20 CBDCs Need Scalable Blockchains Cardano’s DEX Ambitions Plan is for Cardano to be full Decentralized in Q2 2021.
12:00 DNATags™ can now convert Ethereum Solidity-based Smart Contract to the Cardano Goguen Smart Contract
12:55 Cardano’s Mary Hard Fork - March 1! A hard fork is a radical change to a blockchain’s protocol Will help become most decentralized and give token support.
13:35 ADA Resilience 72% ETH up 426% ADA up 1406% mostly since Feb 5, 2021 Note ADA did not exist until Sep 2018 Chart Comparison - 5 years
14:30 SUPPLY $ADA Cardano 7,969.36M of 31.9 Billion $ETH Ethereum 24.50M of 114.81M
16:50 Price Predictions and Multiples MKT CAP FORECAST 2030
17:00 Conclusion #1 Cardano is vying to be a valid alternative to Ethereum Ethereum has a five year head start Ethereum has more developers Can they both coexist or will one replace the other?
18:00 Conclusion #2 Bitcoin is still the safest bet - lowest risk Future is uncertain for ADA and ETH
19:45 Conclusion #3 ADA has more potential upside over ETH based on my models but it has higher risk! If Ethereum pull of a successful EIP 1559 that would secure their position The future has many unknowns Market is pricing in a successful Mary Launch
20:30 / InvestAnswers
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