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Living on $1,000 a Month! My top 3 picks! The Best foreign countries to live full-time or part-time!

Will Roadhouse

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Published on May 14, 2015
Anyone looking to live part-time or full-time in a foreign country will benefit from the information in this short video. Will Roadhouse CEO of Compass Group International shares tips and his top 3 favorite foreign countries to live and or retire!

Living Abroad (FAQs/Q&A): Get educated before you move overseas! These are the most frequently asked questions and answers for anyone looking to move overseas. This podcast show will educate you before you make your move!

Warning: Our Videos & Podcasts, articles are very "Raw and Explicit!" We're not here to "candy coat" travel - if that's what you prefer, I suggest you head to the Travel Channel. Our articles are written for the average person - the 80%! The individuals and families that stay in hostels, cheap hotels and travel on a budget. If you want luxury hotels, extravagant entertainment & dining - you came to the wrong place. We report and write about international travel (and living abroad) from a "realistic" and "hands on" point of view for those on a tight budget - no FLUFF here! If this is what you're looking for - you came to the right place:)

The staff at Compass Group International has a deep passion for world travel and exploring different parts of the globe. We do not receive any compensation for producing our podcasts and videos, please support us by “liking” “subscribing” and “sharing” our podcasts with your friends & family. Also, feel free to share this on any of your social media sites! Many of our audio podcasts have accompanying videos on our:

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