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When a B-36 Accidentally Dropped a 15-megaton Hydrogen Bomb near Albuquerque, NM

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Published on Jun 23, 2021
On May 22nd 1957, while flying from El Paso, Texas to Albuquerque New Mexico, a B-36 bomber from the 334th bomb squadron accidentally dropped one of the most powerful hydrogen bombs that ever existed.

It's hard to imagine that words like "funny" or "amusing" could possibly be used to describe the “Broken Arrow” accidents (those that involve nuclear weapons). But the 1957 H-Bomb Accident in New Mexico is the rarest exception to this rule.

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00:00 - Broken Arrow
02:23 - Revolt of the Admirals
04:49 - Peacemaker
08:07 - I didn't touch anything
11:28 - Lie to me

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