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Atheist Addict Sees Eternity And Is Healed Instantly

Prioritize Your Life

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Published on Mar 11, 2021
To learn more about Nate's story and read over the 20 things he learned and wrote down, please visit

Nate Hales was in a downward spiral of addiction, stealing, and dealing. He had no way out and could see no hope for his life. The a miraculous experience occurred. In a matter of moments he was a changed man and never went back to the addictions that had plagued him for decades. Please share this amazing story with those caught in the trap of addiction and their families.

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The Prioritize Your Life series highlights experiences from amazing people to inspire us all to live a better life. A life where we are focused on what truly matters. Let's leave this world with no regrets.

In association with UTR Media and Mustache Power Productions
Music: Bytheway-May & John Coggins
Director of Photography: Clark Winegar.​
Created, Directed, Produced, and Hosted by Wesly Lapioli.

How a dealing atheist thief and addict completely changed with one glimpse into eternity.
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