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2021 TESLA MODEL Y OWNER's Review. 1000 miles later #Tesla

El Tio Juan Carlos

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Published on Apr 20, 2021
#TeslaModelY #Tesla #ModelYPerformance #TeslaModelYPerformance #2021TeslaModelY #TeslaModelYReview

Today I bring you my Tesla Model Y Performance. It's a vehicle that we have had for a little less than a month and have driven for over 1000 miles. I thought it was a great time to bring you an update about our life with the Tesla Model Y Performance.

In this video I will go through some of my favorite features. It will not be a full review of everything that this car is and it's not, I'll leave that to the experts. Instead, I will touch on the particular things that I love and hate about this Model Y.
Before deciding to buy our 2021 Tesla Model Y, I went through a series of expert reviews but also, we watched many owner review videos because I think there is great value in these testimonials of people that actually paid for their Model Y and live with it 24/7. And that to me, has a lot of insight into the highlights and shortcomings of the Tesla Model Y.

Getting past the new car smell and I have learned to love this car even more. I think there are a number of things that this car does great. Number one: the driving experience. The ride is firm and the seats are comfortable. So the ride can be considered sporty, because of the suspension's firmness but also because of the lower center of gravity because of the electric battery. if you have driven a BMW with the M Sport Package, then this will feel familiar to you. The visibility of the road ahead and the sides is great, not so much towards the rear of the vehicle. This vehicle is heavily based on the Model 3 so it is able to achieve this higher seating position thanks to a minimal ground clearance alteration of about 1 inch. But what makes the seating position way taller in comparison with the Model 3, are these mounting humps that are about 3 inches high.

The interior design has grown in me since the first time I saw it on the Model 3 a couple of years ago. At first I thought it was pretty stark but I like it now, especially with the black and white interior, not so much with the black.

The large 15 inch screen is super snappy and responsive. I'm still learning my way through it but I keep finding functions as I drive it. It is very distracting, I should warn you. I wish I was able to customize the screen to make the icons a little bigger as when I'm driving sometimes I miss the small icons with my sausage fingers especially when I hit a minor bump on the road because of the firm suspension. The stock sound system sounds great! In my opinion better than the Mark Levinson in our prior RX350 and as nice as the Harman kardon in BMW products.

The mobile phone integration of the Model Y is great. using our phones as a car key is very convenient. It is glitchy though and sometimes I have to turn my bluetooth off and on in order to reset the link. Other than that, the Tesla app works great. My best experience so far with car apps.

The advertised range of 303 is in my opinion, unachievable. The Panoramic Sunroof of my Tesla Model Y Performance needs to be tinted, it feels toasty under direct midday sunlight.

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