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Can Narcissists Really Move On Like Nothing Happened?

Melanie Tonia Evans

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Published on Oct 16, 2019
Are you going through the AGONY of seeing the narcissistic move on like you don’t exist?

Is it like a knife in your heart seeing the narcissist loved up, and having a great time?

WHY isn’t he or she HURTING after losing you?

HOW can he or she be having such a WOW of a time, while you are curled up in bed barely functioning?

GOSH … this nearly killed me too … all the obsessing about ‘Didn’t he ever love me?’

As well as the knowing, their life is barely affected (or even improved) whilst you are battling emotional devastation, financial breakdown and a diminished ability to even stay upright and breathe, let alone function.

Has the narcissist REALLY moved on like NOTHING happened?

Find out the ABSOLUTE answer in today’s Thriver TV episode, as well as HOW to recover for REAL from this.

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