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TENET EXPLAINED: Time Inversion, Entropy and more! | Tenet (2020) | Film Analysis | TBFR


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Published on Sep 02, 2020
Michelle attempts to explain 5 key concepts from Christopher Nolan's Tenet (2020) SPOILERS INBOUND

00:00 Introduction
00:34 Time Inversion
04:07 Grandfather Paradox
06:03 Reverse Entropy
11:38 Film Timeline
12:07 The Future's Plan
15:20 Conclusion

TENET TIMELINE: the plot in chronological order...

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- Tenet (2020) Directed by Christopher Nolan, UK | USA: Syncopy & Warner Bros.

- Reddit (2020) The biggest subreddit dedicated to Christopher Nolan's Tenet
- Jontology (2015) Antimatter Physics and Time-Travelling Particles
- TED-Ed (2017) What is entropy? - Jeff Phillips

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