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20 Things Only Adults Notice In The MCU


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Published on May 05, 2019
The Times That Prove The Marvel Cinematic Universe Is Not Just For Kids

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In what’s now known as the ‘Platinum Age,’ the pre-Superman early days of comic books, they were largely collections of daily comic strips, earning them the nickname ‘funny books.’ Even after Superman, in the early stages of science fiction, which superhero stories could be considered a subset of, comics were considered children’s entertainment, but why should kids have all the fun? The kids that grew up on the pages of Superman or listening to the Shadow grew up to still enjoy the amazing adventures of their favorite heroes. While some people even today might not get it, the comic book superhero hasn’t been ‘just for kids’ for decades. That’s been reflected on the big screen as well, with heroes like Logan and Deadpool getting R-rated films in their franchises.

You don’t need an R-rating, however, to slip in something that perhaps only adults would get, especially if you’re as good with innuendo as Star-Lord or old English like Loki. Sometimes it’s just references to things in the past that younger people might not be aware of, and other times, it can be a joke here or there that’s a little more scatelogical in naure. Adult jokes and references have a long history in comics, cartoons and other media often associated with children, but enjoyed by adults as well. Usually, this ends up with something that has a long legacy with generations of fans. With the Marvel Cinematic Universe creating its new generation of fans with characters like Iron Man, Spider-Man and the Guardians of the Galaxy, here are some of the jokes and references the younger ones will discover anew when they’re older.


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