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Easter Eggs You Missed In Loki Episode 1


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Published on Jun 10, 2021
Loki, the third live-action MCU series to premiere on Disney+ following "WandaVision" and "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" has all the action, wisecracks, and obscure nods to Marvel comic book continuity that any fan could want. As you might expect from a series about a trickster god with a penchant for disguises, there's more to "Loki" than meets the eye. That goes double for when said trickster god is jumping around through time. From a familiar sight in the desert to a touching tribute to a Marvel luminary, here are some of the easter eggs you might have missed in "Loki."

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Full circle | 0:00
A Nexus nod | 1:24
The Minutemen? | 2:50
A familiar 'stache | 3:40

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