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Small Details In WandaVision Only True Fans Noticed


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Published on Mar 06, 2021
Marvel's WandaVision has finally wrapped up the first big chapter of the MCU's phase four. The grand finale left us with lots of answers, several new questions, a killer costume change, and a few great fights. Let's break down the small details you may have missed in all the madness.

WandaVision hasn't exactly been an action spectacle, but its finale starts off with a bang. On the suburban streets of Westview with Agatha holding Billy and Tommy hostage, the episode's opening sequence sees Agatha and Wanda clash. While it won't be until later in the episode that Wanda shows what she can really do, early in her battle with the older witch, Wanda uses a trick she likely learned from fighting Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War — rather than using her powers on Agatha directly, she taps into her telekinesis to slam a car right into Agatha.

When Wanda approaches the house to see what's happened to her opponent, she sees Agatha's boots sticking out from beneath the car. As she inches closer, she sees the boots are empty. The moment references 1939's The Wizard of Oz, which includes the famous visual of a house landing on top of the Wicked Witch of the East. Of course, unlike the witch in the earlier classic, Agatha isn't dead or defeated. That's not the only reference to a non-MCU movie in the episode, either. As Wanda, Vision, Billy, and Tommy face off against the military in the town square, it's a shot very reminiscent of the moment in The Incredibles when the family faces off against Syndrome's minions.

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Agatha's boots | 0:00
An absent hero | 1:17
Age of Ultron | 2:17
The Scarlet Witch | 2:44
Clear-eyed about his history | 3:29
Monica powers up | 4:29
The Skrulls return | 5:31
The boys are back in town? | 6:21
Dick Van Dyke | 7:21
The missile | 8:10
Wanda's witchy family tree | 9:22
The Wanda bunch | 10:10
Infinity War | 10:54
Colorless Vision | 11:26
A more modern family | 12:08
The twins look super | 13:22
An interesting breakfast | 13:33
A strong man | 14:20
A reference to the Multiverse | 15:16
More echoes from Captain Marvel | 16:28
Powering up | 17:14
The Silence of the Lambs | 17:47
Agatha all along | 18:41
The Darkhold? | 19:17
Stuck in the middle | 20:19
Wiccan and Speed | 20:58
New Age of Ultron | 21:44
Commical costume | 23:07
Gifted Youngsters | 23:49
Snack of the '90's | 24:35
Movie night | 25:24
Family Ties | 26:20
'80s and '90s references | 26:58
Sparky the dog | 28:26
Civil War | 28:58
The 'return' of Pietro | 30:09
The return of Lieutenant Trouble | 31:23
Skrulls? | 34:29
Wanda is a Voodoo Child | 35:19
Bewitching | 39:31
Toying with us | 40:17
Time will tell | 40:58
The mark of the Mind Stone | 41:49
A meaningful song | 42:37
A similar vision | 43:29
Intro inspiration | 44:12
Twin imagery | 45:04
The Toast Mate 2000 | 45:34
WandaVision's hexagons | 46:16
Glamour vs. glamour | 46:50
S.W.O.R.D. arrives | 47:41

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