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Honda Civic 2021 review: should you buy one over the new VW Golf?

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Published on Apr 07, 2021
When the current, tenth-generation Honda Civic launched in 2015 it raised a few eyebrows thanks to its bold looks. While sporting a saloon silhouette, it's actually a hatchback like the Civics that came before it (in the UK, at least). It was also lightly revised in 2020, complete with gloss black trim around the front bumper and slightly more aggressive looks.

Now in its sixth year the Civic is starting to look a little big long in the tooth and we know there's a new version just around the corner. With that in mind, is there any reason to buy a Honda Civic in 2021? Can it complete against rivals such as the Volkswagen Golf Mk8 and Skoda Octavia?


0:00 Intro
0:52 Design
2:31 Boot
3:21 Engines
4:01 Price and trim
4:56 Interior design
5:26 Storage and practicality
5:56 Connectivity
6:47 Technology
8:37 Rear seats
9:52 Driving impressions
11:05 Performance
11:44 Gearbox
13:16 Motorway driving
13:43 Driving tech
14:30 3 Likes
15:15 3 Dislikes
15:46 Verdict
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