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Stock Market For Beginners 2021| How To Invest Your First $1000 (Step by Step Tutorial)

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Published on Apr 25, 2021
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Intro: 00:00:00
What is the stock market? 00:1:58
How to buy stocks? 00:4:40
How to make money in the stock market? 00:6:00
How to analyze stocks? 00:10:48
Price vs Value 00:13:24
What is the P/E Ratio? 00:15:42
What is the Price to book ratio? 00:18:25
What is the Discounted Cashflow? 00:20:21
How to analyze stocks like Warren Buffett? 00:25:52
How do Index Funds work? 00:35:35
What is an ETF? 00:36:28
What is the S&P500? 00:37:20
What is a mutual fund? 00:39:24
How to invest in Vanguard index funds? 00:41:02
What is a hedge fund? 00:45:53
What is Short Selling? 00:46:30
5 Rules From The Intelligent Investor? 00:49:03
What is the best investing strategy? 1:00:08

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