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Tesla WON | Tesla just made their Checkmate move | No one can stop them now


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Published on Jul 30, 2020
We have been hearing the Short sellers for almost a decade screaming Tesla will go bankrupt. And all The Big boys talking about all the Tesla killers they will come out with.
And people even today are still talking about this. And I even get comments sometimes from people that think the big boys can just come into the EV market to sell millions of EV’s and out sell Tesla, and then Tesla will no longer be unique, and the big boys will stay the big boys, and Tesla is still doomed.
Let me tell you why this is not the case, why Tesla will become one of the biggest car manufacturers on the planet. And why Tesla can no longer just be killed, and it is Game Over for the big boys, Tesla has just made their checkmate move.
Let’s dive right in.

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