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Mustang Mach-E GT 0-60 Claims Tested on the Drag Strip | Battery Stress Test

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Published on Oct 19, 2021
We’re at National Trail Raceway in Hebron, Ohio with the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition. Ford makes some pretty bold claims about the performance of its electric pony, and we’re here to attempt to independently validate its 0-60 MPH times on a proper drag strip.

Can it match Ford's 3.5 second stat in real life? What happens as the battery depletes after several runs? Does it stand a chance against the Tesla Model Y Performance? And, what if we put it up against a current generation Ford GT?

Watch to find out how it scored on our tests!

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0:00 Introduction
0:41 How We Got Here
1:34 EV Differences on the Track
3:33 First Run and Results
5:45 Running Against a Petrol Mustang
6:29 Testing with Unbridled Extend
8:18 Final Run and Results
10:13 Overall Results
11:18 Mach-E GT vs. Ford GT
11:40 Conclusions

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