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FORD MUSTANG MACH-E 1st Drive - Is it the dark horse in the race against Tesla? | Fully Charged CARS

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Published on Mar 04, 2021
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Fully Charged is the channel, for every Electric Vehicle, and this is the hotly anticipated Mustang Mach-E from Ford. Is this a dark horse in the race against Tesla? You tell us...

We'd like to thank Jacqui and Jonjo O'Neill for welcoming us to their amazing facility and allowing us to film alongside some very beautiful horses.

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0:00 Epic introduction
1:30 EV Giveaway
1:44 Horsing around
2:36 Oh yes
3:03 LA streets
3:33 Ground-up design
4:35 Mustang features
4:56 And, go!
5:30 Energy stats
7:23 Super sensors
7:40 Beautiful rear end
8:30 Classic Mustang lights
9:25 Simple, roomy interior
9:56 Fashion stitching
10:59 Physical knob
11:37 Two flavours
12:34 Real range
13:34 Clever software
14:06 Best back seats
15:43 One-pedal driving
17:08 Charging
17:30 Little glitches
18:24 Jacked up sound
19:22 Bit of a faff

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