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Are Electric Cars Worse For The Environment? Myth Busted

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Published on Oct 31, 2018
Are Electric Cars Greener Than Gasoline Powered Cars?
The Facts About Electric Cars & The Environment - Sponsored by FE
What Happens To Old EV Batteries?
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Electric cars are touted as a solution for reducing emissions and improving the environmental impacts of transportation, but are electric cars actually any better for the environment than gasoline cars? This video looks to answer three main questions:
1) Doesn't EV battery production cause a lot of emissions?
2) Don't electric cars get their power from fossil fuels?
3) Isn't lithium mining terrible for the environment?

MIT Emissions Study -
Cradle To Grave Emissions Estimates -
Vehicle Production Emission Estimates (Low) -
Vehicle Production Emission Estimates -
Vehicle Production Emission Estimates (High) -
EV Battery Production Emissions -
End Of Life Emissions -
Annual Vehicle Use Emissions -

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