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How powerful can chanting a mantra or sound be ? Sadhguru -Must watch for Spiritual seekers

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Published on Apr 10, 2021
In this video Sadhguru the mystic talks about chanting a mantra .
Sadhguru says mantra does not need to have an specific meaning.
The mantra is not to be spoken but chanted.
Sadhguru explains how the existence is made up of sound. He explains how mantra acts like a combination lock to open up with the cosmos or get in tune with the existence.
Sadhguru further adds while chanting a mantra one has to be perfectly involved rather then lookiong for meanings. Mantra is a certain combination of sounds.
Whereas words whihc we speak is only of use for communication.
This video gives us an insight as to how powerful chanting a mantra can be to a person especially to a spiritual seeker and a yogi.
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