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E1039: Journalist Vincent Woo reflects on his piece, "Lambda School's Misleading Promises"

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Published on Mar 24, 2020
Independent Journalist Vincent Woo reflects on his piece, "Lambda School's Misleading Promises", shares insights on what drew him to the story, where Lambda School went wrong, how they can be better & more

0:45 Jason intros Vincent Woo, who wrote "Lambda School's Misleading Promises" for New York Magazine
2:21 What drew Vincent to this story? What wrongdoings did he discover?
6:02 Vincent describes Lambda's ISAs and how they were sold
14:24 How Vincent approached Austen Allred as an investigative reporter & clip from Vincent's interview with Austen
16:19 What is Lambda's school actual placement rate? How does it compare with other coding bootcamps?
20:06 Getting Lambda's former Director of Student Placement on record to speak about the placement rates
23:43 Why ISA coding schools should exist
29:18 How Lambda's remote-only approach differentiates them & how opportunity cost plays into their issues
35:06 Where did Lambda School go wrong?
45:51 Does the business model work in broad strokes if opened up to everyone?
53:54 What does Lambda School need to do now?
58:21 Where is the blindspot in most entrepreneurs?
1:00:57 Vincent also writes about local political corruption in the Bay Area

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