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Ending the Debate on Aisha (ra)'s Age - Sh. Omar Suleiman | Lecture

Yaqeen Institute

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Published on Oct 23, 2018
#OmarSuleiman #YaqeenInstitute #IslamicLectures Our mother Aisha (ra) is not just a number. For over 1400 years, her age was never the subject of a controversy or a defining trait. In Islamic history, she shines as a noble scholar and sage. Yet in recent years, her age at the time of marriage to the Prophet (peace be upon him) has become a favorite talking point of Islamophobes, and cause of doubt for young Muslims.

This lecture by Sh. Omar Suleiman is a conclusion to the recent 4-paper collection titled, "More Than Just a Number: Perspectives on the Age of Aisha (ra)".

Read the full collection here:

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