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The Truth Behind Mal's Parents Maleficent and Hades


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Published on Oct 27, 2019
We Love Disney Villains Like Maleficent And Hades And We Just Hope That Disney Secrets Won't Hurt Our Favorite Descendants 3 star Mal Dove Cameron

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A long time ago, before the Fairy Godmother flicked her wand and created the Isle of the Lost, two of the world's most threatening villains fell in love with each other. But their love wouldn't last for a handful of reasons, one of them being that they weren't on the same page when it came to parenting. Hades and Maleficent got married and had a daughter named Mal, but there was trouble in paradise from the get-go.

Before long, Hades walked out on Maleficent and his baby girl, choosing to hide out in the dungeons for the rest of his sentence. Mal grew up under the watchful gaze of an impossible mother and soon found out who her real father was. In this video from TheThings, we reveal how the Mistress of Evil and the God of the Underworld managed to fall in love and have their own happily ever after - for a little while.

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