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Living Links: Tafsir of Surah al-Kahf, 2 of 20

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Published on Jul 24, 2018
Content Outline:
0:0:08 Bismillah/Welcome (Faraz Khan)
0:0:23 Continuing From Last Session (Baa/Bismillah)
0:01:31 Types of Tafsir: Standard and Mystic
Surah al-Kahf - Ayah 01
0:08:38 al-Qushayri: The Mystic Bismillah
0:11:52 al-Qushayri: If “Hamd” is Gratitude (shukr)
0:15:30 What is Servanthood to Allah SWT
0:26:57 al-Qushayri: If “Hamd” is Praise
0:34:08 A Book With No Crookedness
Surah al-Kahf - Ayah 02-03
0:34:42 Fully Upright I: Balance
0:40:38 A Goodly Reward in Perpetuity
0:42:21 Fully Upright II: Incomparable
0:43:44 What is the Painful Torment
0:46:51 What is a Righteous Deed
Surah al-Kahf - Ayah 04-05
0:51:24 The Enormity of the Speech
0:53:40 The Consequence of Ignorance and Radical Tawheed
Surah al-Kahf - Ayah 06-08
01:02:09 Perhaps You (SAW) Will Destroy Yourself in Grief
01:05:40 What is Our Attitude Towards Disbelievers
01:07:10 Why Do the They Turn Away
01:12:40 Seeing Through the Adornment
01:20:04 Being Indifferent to the This World
01:24:10 The Relationship Between Ayat 06-08

Comments, Questions and Answers

01:25:56 Question 1: Reconciling forgetting deeds as a sign of their acceptance with the enjoyment we have with certain deeds (i.e. The story of the cave where the men sought Allah’s Intervention by the offering of past deeds [tawassul]).
01:29:40 Question 2: Does the Islamic tradition have literature or and emphasis of contemplation of the natural world as a means of getting closer to Allah SWT?
01:31:10 Question 3: How the intention reconciles that the word is temporary but the recompense is forever?
01:31:51 Question 4: How do you continue hemma which fluctuates up and down, and how can we protect ourselves from becoming amazed with ourselves?
01:37:25 Question 5: Should we venerate one another or reserve that solely for Allah SWT?

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