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Sprinkler Timer Instructions - Irrigation Repair Contractor McKinney, Allen, Frisco, Collin County


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Published on Jun 23, 2020
Call Or Text (972) 895-4850 - In this video you will learn more about your home's sprinkler timer and control system from Rodney Haynes. He runs Haynes Sprinkler and Drainage which serves McKinney, Allen, Frisco, Fairview, Princeton, Anna, Melissa, Plano, Celina, Prosper, Van Alstyne and nearby Collin County towns.

Texas Irrigator License LI0005972

Irrigation And Sprinkler System Checkpoints

Proper head spacing.
Proper nozzle for water distribution.
Full coverage of the water spray.
Proper head for the application.
Watch for low heads not spaying over properly.
Watch for heads that are too high. Mowers may hit them and you will never know it unless you inspect the system.
Shrub beds are the worst at proper coverage. Raising heads on risers above plants is not the best
applications. Consider drip irrigation.
Do you have the right controller? It is best to have one with A,B and C programs and at least 3 start times.
Pressure issues either being to low or high.
Always be mindful of water conservation. Water is becoming a big problem for our area, and increasing
costs by our cities is effecting pocket books. Do not over water. It cost money AND it is not needed as well
as it is not good for plants.
Have a functioning Rain / Freeze sensor to help control watering during these times. It is also required
by the city.
Some cities have too much salt in their water supply and it may cause some issues.
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