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Top 10 Mini EVs and Mini Electric Cars to Hit the Highways with

TheFuture 2.0

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Published on Jul 15, 2021
Hello viewer! Mini EVs are getting more amazing every day. With quicker accelerations, higher top speeds, more seating options, and safety features that'll make a full grown electric vehicle blush, mini electric cars, and minicars are turning heads all over the world. That's why we scoured the web to bring you this in-depth video on the world's Top 10 Mini Electric Cars. So, strap in, turn on auto-pilot, and let the electric vehicle information show begin! Enjoy!

Alternate Titles:
Top 10 Small Electric Cars - Including the Wuling and Twizzy
Top 10 Mini EVs and Mini Electric Cars to Hit the Highways with
Top 10 Mini EVs Available Now - Mini Electric Cars on a Budget

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Video Chapters:
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0:49 Number 10, VW Nils
2:30 Number 9, Citroen Ami
4:08 Number 8, Wuling Mini EV
5:28 Number 7, Renault Twizy
6:52 Number 6, Uniti One
8:19 Number 5, Zacua MX3
9:32 Number 4, Eli Zero
11:04 Number 3, Audi Urban
12:06 Number 2, Honda NEU-V
13:33 Number 1, Smart EQ Fortwo

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