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What 8 Horror Movies Looked Like Behind The Scenes | Movies Insider


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Published on Apr 30, 2020
Recent horror films have gone great lengths to scare viewers. "The Invisible Man" employed a performer in a green suit to throw Elisabeth Moss' character across a table. Jordan Peele's "Us" used facial replacement CGI to allow characters to act alongside their doppelgängers. While movies like "Crawl" needed CGI to make its alligators as terrifying as possible, many horror movies still rely on practical effects to scare audiences. The 2019 "Child’s Play" reboot built an animatronic Chucky controlled by puppeteers, while "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark" went all out creating makeup effects and costumes to turn its cast members into monsters.

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What 8 Horror Movies Looked Like Behind The Scenes | Movies Insider
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