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Evie's Evolution From Descendants to Descendants 3


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Published on Apr 19, 2019
Did You Notice All These Changes In Evie From Descendants To Descendants 3?
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Welcome back "Descendants" fans! We have a brand new evolution video ready for you! But this time, we're placing Evie in the limelight, where she belongs! Evie has come a long way from being the shallow girl she was raised to be. In fact, she's so kind and giving that many "Descendants" fans consider her to be their favorite. Evie is a talented VK who often underestimates her own powers. Luckily for her, she has a group of amazing friends who'll go above and beyond to help her out of a jam.

Evie might the daughter of the Evil Queen, but she knows her rights from wrongs. She often tries to help Mal see the brighter side of things, which is always a welcomed point-of-view. Evie underwent enormous changes throughout the first two films, and we can't wait to see her come to life in "Descendants 3." Tune in to get a front row seat to Evie's evolution.

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