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Top 5 Cheapest Supercars You Can Buy! (ALMOST AFFORDABLE)

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Published on Mar 28, 2018
*BE AWARE OF FLASHING LIGHTS* - So you want a supercar but haven't got supercar money? In this video you'll find 5 cheap supercars, all less than £40,000! That's what like 5 bitcoin max? From Ferrari to Nissan, this list has it all. I'll give you the specs, interesting facts, and some of the history of the cars, and tell you why you should spend your hard earned money on these rather than spending upwards of £100,000 on something with similar specs.

I answer questions like: why is the Ferrari 308 GT4 called a Dino? and why is the Audi R8 so cheap? as well as what cars are driven by James Bond?

Major shout out again to all the crew that are supporting me in this hustle, including Sam, Ed, F90_JW, and Streetmodz

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