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Enola Holmes: Hilarious Behind-The-Scenes Moments With The Cast! |🍿OSSA Movies

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Published on Oct 04, 2020
Enola Holmes captured our hearts with its powerful story and great performance of the Netflix show cast. Thanks to the Enola Holmes Netflix, we dicovered a magical but cruel world of Victorian England where Millie Bobby Brown together with Henry Cavill performed powerful brother and sister moments. We invite you to Enola Holmes behind the scenes, to see funny moments and bloopers as from the movie itself and from hilarious enola holmes interviews. For instance Enola Holmes's star Henry Cavill revealed that Millie Bobby Brown in her role as Enola Holmes amazed him to the core. He stated that the actress wonderfully combines in herself a 16-year old and a 32 year-old. Louis Partridge also adored playing with Millie, and that is clearly seen from Enola Holmes bloopers and countless Enola Holmes funny moments between these two. But we know who really made Enola Holmes funny. As it wouldn't be possible without Millie Bobby Brown funny charisma. We could watch Millie Bobby Brown bloopers endless times and we invite you to join us for that.

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