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E1101: News! Apple vs. Epic, TikTok CEO resigns & more with Acquired's Ben Gilbert & David Rosenthal

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Published on Aug 28, 2020
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Show notes:
0:00 Start
0:57 Jason intros Acquired FM's Ben Gilbert & David Rosenthal
3:53 Jason, Ben & David catch up on recent business books & tv shows they've been consuming
14:03 Vanta - $1k off your SOC 2 at
16:10 Apple vs. Epic Games - is this a crisis for Apple?
22:06 Why Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney is a unique foe for Apple
26:58 Dell for Entrepreneurs - Save up to 50% off select products, and take an extra 5% off by going to
28:53 Could Epic Games compete with Apple via hardware?
32:26 Should Apple institute a tiered discount model for the App Store? How does this compare with the Unreal Engine's pricing model? Could an Unreal tablet/phone with games enabled compete?
39:50 Modloft - 15% off and free shipping at
41:48 Jason, Ben & David share thoughts on the broken systems in the US
49:55 TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer resigns, why Bob Chapek was the right choice for Bob Iger's replacement over Kevin Mayer
58:49 Would Bob Iger run for president? Why did Kevin Mayer resign? Was he a puppet CEO?
1:05:28 Should TikTok be allowed in the US in its current form?
1:11:54 What are the most likely scenarios for TikTok? What is a fair valuation for TikTok's US ops?
1:19:48 State of early-stage VC & how will it be impacted by new accreditation laws?
1:30:45 Will Jason be involved in the new accreditation laws?
1:41:43 What is regulatory capture & how does it pertain to investing in private companies?
1:46:26 SPACs, why Chamath became interested in SPACs & doing it his own way
1:57:07 The gang chooses their top two buys of the pending unicorn IPOs: Airbnb, Asana, Ant Financial, ThredUp, Qualtrics & Palantir
2:08:26 Is Epic Games the Amazon of the gaming space?
2:10:43 Podcast partnerships, secret to podcasting

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