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TENET: Neil's Timeline Explained + What Happens To The Character In The End

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Published on Sep 02, 2020
TENET: Neil's Timeline Explained + What Happens To The Character In The End. We breakdown the Timeline of Tenet and discuss the fan theory over whether Neil is Kat's son or not.

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Neil's Timeline Explained

Ok so since my first Tenet video I've been getting a lot of requests to do a full timeline breakdown for all the characters in the film. I've actually already made one for Kat and I'll leave that video linked above if you wanna check it out. Now you might not realise but she and Sator go on pretty much the exact same journey throughout the film as far as inversions arc concerned so if you wanna see what happens to her and the antagonist then check that video out after this.

Mirroring this, Neil and The Protagonist too go on very similar journies and for pretty much all of the film bar a couple of scenes, they are on the same path.

Now before starting the timeline that we see in the film, I wanna talk about one of the major fan theories floating around about the character. That is that Neil is actually the adult version of Max aka Kat's son.

If you don't subscribe to this way of thinking that's fine but I think it gives us a good point to start the character's timeline off and we will still be giving a proper jumping off point as far as things in the movie are concerned.

So the first time we see Max chronologically is on the boat during Kat and Sator's vacation. Kat catches a woman diving over the edge of her husband's yacht and because of this, it sets the character off on a path that would lead to her future version killing him minutes before this events.

Max, apparently unaware of everything that's going on then carries on like normal.

I say unaware, look at the boys face when Kat dives off the boat.

Anyway, Max is taken to school, where his mother visits him for the brief few moments at the end of the day inbetween it finishing and the boy being picked up by his father's men.

I'll move this point to the start now as things for the character at this point continue to travel on chronologically. The events of the movie split not long after this with The Protagonist and his mother traveling back in time.

Max continues forward until the end of the movie which is when he's picked up by his mother at school and he actually gets to go home with her due to his father's death.

Now if the theory is true, then after the Protagonist ties up the last loose end in Priyah, he joins the pair and becomes part of their life. This is the start of the beautiful friendship that Neil was referring to and he grows with him.

Tenet agents throughout the film keep themselves to themselves, even refusing to have chit chat incase they learn anything about each other so the fact that Neil knows The Protagonist's favourite drink does hint to them being close.

That's just one of many things that support the theory and I don't wanna belabour the point as I've already done a full video covering it.

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