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Watch This Before You See Bill & Ted Face The Music


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Published on Aug 06, 2020
Most triumphant! We're finally getting a threequel in the saga of Bill S. Preston, Esquire, and Ted "Theodore" Logan. While we can't travel into the future to watch Bill & Ted Face the Music right now, we've rounded up everything we know about their next (and assuredly, most excellent) adventure.

Before he was Johnny Utah, Johnny Mnemonic, or John Wick, Keanu Reeves endeared himself to audiences as the lovably dimwitted Ted "Theodore" Logan, who wanted nothing more than to make a triumphant music video and become a famous rock star. Opposing Ted was his rigid father, whose threats of sending his son away to military school motivated Ted to do whatever it took to pass his History class and stay at San Dimas high school.

Reeves has been talking about a Bill & Ted sequel for years, although a decade ago, it barely resembled the movie in its current form. Back in 2008, when Reeves talked to MTV about a third Bill & Ted, he said it would be a remake that wouldn't necessarily involve him, although he still spoke affectionately about the possibility. Even back then, though, the seed for Face the Music seemed to have been germinating in Reeves' imagination, with him saying,

"I had once mentioned about doing it when we were 40. Now maybe the only shot we have is to do it when we're 50."

Turns out, he was close; Reeves will be turning 56 just one day after Face the Music arrives.

Watch the video for more about Bill & Ted Face the Music!

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Keanu Reeves is back | 0:00
Alex Winter is back | 1:12
Death comes for Bill & Ted (again) | 2:14
Daughters of the Dudes | 3:57
New princesses | 3:40
New and returning faces | 4:09
The excellent trailer | 5:14
A tribute to Rufus | 6:03
Some bogus pressure | 6:54
A faithful sequel | 7:38
A tight deadline | 8:22

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