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Running Back to NEW YORK CITY

1.3M views | 1 month ago

my brother Van

2.1M views | 4 months ago

Who I'm Voting For 2020

1.9M views | 8 months ago

the SURPRISE of her life!!!

1.3M views | 9 months ago

it's time to say NO!

1.3M views | 9 months ago

World's Biggest KOOK

1M views | 9 months ago

if she leaves me, this is why

1.2M views | 9 months ago

i made this video in a Wal Mart

1.1M views | 9 months ago

a problem in the shower

1.4M views | 9 months ago

we're staying in a trailer now

1.4M views | 10 months ago

this is why she wants to leave

1.7M views | 10 months ago

it's an addiction and it's real

1.2M views | 10 months ago

very serious family problems.

1.5M views | 10 months ago

she's ready to leave

1.8M views | 10 months ago

i started a fight i'll never win

1.3M views | 10 months ago

the truth about why i quit.

2.1M views | 10 months ago

shes still my wife.. but

1.7M views | 10 months ago


1.9M views | 11 months ago
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