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How do hardware timers work?

447K views | 2 months ago

How does n-key rollover work?

162K views | 5 months ago

How does a USB keyboard work?

1.7M views | 7 months ago

Keyboard interface software

136K views | 8 months ago

Keyboard interface hardware

199K views | 9 months ago

Breadboarding tips

194K views | 1 year ago

Interrupt handling

149K views | 1 year ago

Hardware interrupts

362K views | 1 year ago

The world's worst video card?

3.9M views | 2 years ago

Hardware build: CRC calculation

333K views | 2 years ago

How do CRCs work?

431K views | 2 years ago

Checksums and Hamming distance

160K views | 2 years ago
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