I Dare You: Body Shot!? (ft. Merrell Twins)
by nigahiga
1 week ago    2,635,605 Views
Leave us your dares and let us know who you wanna see play with us on the next episode! Thank you to Veronica and Vanessa for being brave enough to p..
Dancing Without Moving!?
by nigahiga
3 weeks ago    7,037,899 Views
Nearly 1 whole week of standing still and over 4 thousand pics later... I present to you, Dancing Without Moving. To see how we made this video click..
The Ultimate Foil Ball (definitely clickbait)
by nigahiga
1 month ago    3,209,098 Views
This video definitely never might not, not be a clickbait on opposite day. See bloopers and BTS here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9Hwwcb5BFg&fea..
FORTNITE The Movie (Official Fake Trailer)
by nigahiga
1 month ago    16,733,710 Views
Play Fortnite for FREE here: https://pixly.go2cloud.org/SHcp Thanks to Epic Games for sponsoring this video Order my book "how to write good" http..
The Pun Challenge!?
by nigahiga
2 months ago    4,313,990 Views
Go and bother the youtubers that you think would be good at this Random Word Generator Pun Challenge or try it out yourself and tag me in it! Looking ..
Will You Fight Me?
by nigahiga
3 months ago    4,588,452 Views
With all the hype around the Drama Scene and YouTubers fighting one another, I felt that it was time to start looking around for my one true hate. Blo..
Friends Theme Song Rap! (Dear Ryan)
by nigahiga
3 months ago    3,156,664 Views
Yeah.. I watch way too much Friends. How many references did you actually catch? Taking screenshots of your Dear Ryan comments! Leave them in the com..
How To Make Mumble Rap
by nigahiga
3 months ago    8,250,135 Views
When David and I are bored, we sometimes make these random, awful songs that no one ever sees. Well, this time we're bringing you with us on this inc..
Rant on Award Shows!
by nigahiga
4 months ago    2,323,759 Views
Probably not the most popular opinion but something I've been wanting to say for a while... See bloopers and behind the scenes here: https://www.yout..
The Nintendoe Paper!
by nigahiga
4 months ago    5,678,630 Views
Sorry it's been so long since we posted a video, this took a bit longer than expected. Hopefully you'll understand why by the end of this video lol. ..
Boy Band Gaming Music Video! (Dear Ryan)
by nigahiga
5 months ago    3,234,602 Views
Leave your Dear Ryan's in the comment section or help me out by upvoting the ones you wanna see for the next Dear Ryan Video! See Bloopers and BTS her..
YouTube ReRyan FAIL!
by nigahiga
5 months ago    3,703,525 Views
So you might be wondering why our annual version of Youtube Rewind didn't happen last year.. well, just watch and you might understand. See Bloopers ..
"Gucci Gang" Country Edition! (Dear Ryan)
by nigahiga
6 months ago    7,580,017 Views
Leave your Dear Ryan comments for the next episode or upvote the comments you want to see next! See Bloopers and BTS here: https://www.youtube.com/wat..
Dude vs. Wild - Nevada Mountains
by nigahiga
7 months ago    3,741,140 Views
Parody of one of my favorite shows, "Running Wild" with Bear Grylls. See Bloopers and BTS here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Du6MSco48lg&feature=yo..
How to get Views on YouTube!
by nigahiga
7 months ago    4,867,020 Views
Here are all the best tips and techniques to getting more views on Youtube in 2017. See Bloopers and BTS here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ct32r4..
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